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For all Vocaloid or/and Utauloid fans, here is an online roleplay about Vocaloid and Utauloid. Play as one of the characters or create your own!
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 Your first Step-Rules

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PostSubject: Your first Step-Rules   Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:23 am


Welcome to the Vocaloid Roleplay site. Before you start claiming or making a character, you should read the rules below.

1.)It is understandable that some characters don't like each other. So try to act nice to other members when you are not your character.
2.)Do not use characters unrelated to Vocaloid/Utauloid. This includes Sonic, Mario, etc. I do not want to see Master Chief singing World is Mine.
3.)When roleplaying, please write a paragraph or more.
4.)The highest amount of roleplays you can be in is 5. Going above that will temporarily ban you from the site.
5.)EVERYONE HAS THE SAME LEVEL OF SUPERIORITY! There is no best Vocaloid/Utauloid in the universe.
6.) Have correct grammar when roleplaying!
7.) No text messaging language. Please spell words the way they're supposed to be.
8.) Do not roleplay with ANY items or character until they are approved.
9) You are only allowed one Vocaloid and Utauloid that is not made up and two that are. If you want the Kagamine's, they would count as one vocaloid. However, vocaloids like Miku and Mikuo, do not count as one. If you want to make only custom Vocaloids/Utauloids, then you can have only four. You should have four Vocaloids/Utauloids at the maximum.
10.) If there is anything wrong, we prefer it if you put it in the suggestion area.
11.) If you don't want anyone in specific to join you role play, then write "OPEN" in the topic title. If you want only specific people, write "PRIVATE" and the member names.

Other than that, we hope you have fun!
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Your first Step-Rules
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