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For all Vocaloid or/and Utauloid fans, here is an online roleplay about Vocaloid and Utauloid. Play as one of the characters or create your own!
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 Final Step!-Other needed things you should know

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Vocaloid Administrator

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PostSubject: Final Step!-Other needed things you should know   Thu Feb 24, 2011 3:44 pm

The number of posts is like what level you are at. Here are the qualifications to create multiple Vocaloids/Utauloids.

100 posts-You can make a second Vocaloid/Utauloid.

200 posts-You can make a third Vocaloid/Utauloid.

300 posts- You can make a fourth Vocaloid/Utauloid.

You are only allowed the maximum of four Vocaloids/Utauloids unless I change my mind.

Also the number of items and songs need a certain amount of posts.

10 posts- You can make one item and song

20 posts- You can make a second item and song.

30 posts- You can make a third item and song.

I'm pretty sure you get the point now.
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Final Step!-Other needed things you should know
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