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For all Vocaloid or/and Utauloid fans, here is an online roleplay about Vocaloid and Utauloid. Play as one of the characters or create your own!
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 Character Rules

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Vocaloid Administrator

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PostSubject: Character Rules   Thu Feb 24, 2011 5:35 pm

[size=18]Before you create your Vocaloid/Utauloid, please read the rules for the character!


Name: (What is your Vocaloid's name?)

Age: (How old is your Vocaloid?)

Gender: (Male/Female)


Character item/food: (What item/food represents him/her?)(You can pick only one item and one food)

Hobbies: (What does your Vocaloid/.Utauloid like to do? Ex. Akita Neru likes to text)

Appearance: (What does your Vocaloid/Utauloid look like? What does he/she wear? Please be as descriptive as possible.)

Personality: (How does your Vocaloid/Utauloid act? What character traits makes him/her unique?)

Likes: (What does he/she like?)

(What does he/she dislike?)

Reasons: (this is only for Vocaloids/Utauloids that aren't made up! What are the reasons why you want to play as this character? Don't say it's because you like this Vocaloid/Utauloid)[b]
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Character Rules
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