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For all Vocaloid or/and Utauloid fans, here is an online roleplay about Vocaloid and Utauloid. Play as one of the characters or create your own!
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 Item Rules

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Vocaloid Administrator

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PostSubject: Item Rules   Thu Feb 24, 2011 5:42 pm

Here are the rules for items.

1.) there are no potions or medicine that can make a Vocaloid/Utauloid sing better or anything like that.

2.)You can get an item for every ten posts.

3.)You don't have to worry about microphones. Let's just say your Vocaloid/Utauloid has it when it is made.

4.)You can make an item someone else has made. You must, however, still fill out the form and give a link to the original creator of the item.


Name:(Name of item)

Use:(What is it?What does it do? What's its purpose)

Picture:(Picture of the item)
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Item Rules
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